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scott just tweeted that his gold belongs to his mom


making me all sappy over that p&g thank you mom video

Tessa: I do feel grateful for the fact that we do have one another because I think people search their whole lives for someone that special and we have that. 

Scott: Tessa says she doesn’t remember her life without me. It’s really tricky to find someone who understands the relationship that Tessa and I have because it’s unique.

skatrgurll replied to your post “Best Friends > Lovers?”

Very well said. This type of relationship is very rare and very special. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate. Sometimes romantic relationships put these unique friendships in jeopardy. Let’s hope T &S nurture it for many years.

yes!!! great point!!

Best Friends > Lovers?

Hey guys! I’m just throwing an idea out there that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’m not asking anyone to agree or disagree with me, I’ve just been contemplating life and what not and came to the conclusion that, perhaps, being platonic best friends is “better” than being in a romantic relationship. Let me explain, using Tessa and Scott as an example.

I didn’t discover Tessa and Scott until about a week or so after they won their silver, specifically when I should have been studying for a math test but chose to watch w network instead. Lo and behold, the dumb show was on a marathon and I got hooked. This is how I became a T&S fan!

Now when I become a fan of anything, I fangirl hard. And more specifically, after just a few moments of watching their olympic free dance, I asked google, “are Tessa and Scott dating?” because they look at each other with complete affection and goo goo eyes that make me wanna cry! Since February, I have shipped Tessa and Scott because, let’s be honest, they are perfect for each other in every sense of the word. In my opinion, they are soulmates.

But does being soulmates mean that they have to be in a romantic relationship? Not necessarily. Obviously it depends on the people and the situation, but in Tessa and Scott’s case I think they have been and always will be soulmates even if they simply remain platonic best friends.

And maybe having a unique, seventeen-year long partnership with one other person is a even more special than romantic love. Not to say that romance is not important or special, but maybe having a platonic best friend is more special/interesting because it is more rare.

I believe that IF Tessa and Scott were to ever pursue a romantic relationship, it wouldn’t be for a few years, after they’ve had unsuccessful relationships. Maybe they’ll find their way to each other ten years down the road…who knows? But what if they never get romantically involved, but maintain this unique love, this trust, that they’ve had for the past seventeen years? I’m thinking that this may be more beautiful than anything else.

Again, these are just my stupid teenage girl shipper feelings that I feel like writing about as a way to procrastinate doing my physics lab. Hope you enjoyed my rant! haha

31 Day Challenge — Day 13 (Aint no Mountain High)

31 Day Challenge — Day 13 (Aint no Mountain High)


Sorry Pchiddy, looks like Scott has a new boo now. #SCOAN2018 



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